Building Service Contractors & Property Managers

Improved indoor air quality, ensured by a regular cleaning maintenance program provides buildings with a positive aesthetic and ensures optimal performance by mitigating the harmful effects of traditional, less environmentally preferable cleaning solutions. Using UL EcoLogo certified products in the buildings; you will simultaneously contribute to worker wellness, increased productivity, and environmental sustainability! Avmor’s line of Floor Care solutions are engineered with your standards and needs in mind. Whether requiring low, periodic or high maintenance, we make sure your floors exceed your expectations while respecting your budget.

   Benefits of using the Avmor Program and Green Cleaning Solutions include:

  • Reducing eye and skin irritation, decreased health and environmental risks (by choosing products free of  VOCs), reducing phosphate pollution, and improving indoor air quality by choosing environmentally preferable cleaning solutions
  • More positive work environment and living space for employees and tenants of your building
  • Adding to the integrity of your building or workplace by making environmentally and socially responsible choices
  • Improving your bottom line by choosing Avmor products that are priced competitively
  • Increasing the lifespan of your facility