From a business standpoint, focusing on cleanliness is integral to the success of your restaurant. Recent studies show that customers’ impressions of a restaurant's sanitation standards strongly impact the developing reputation and therefore influence the success and popularity of the restaurant.

Choosing Avmor's Sanitation Program for your Foodservice establishment ensures an advantage in the competitive restaurant business by providing a positive impression of your establishment from the moment your customers walk through the door. When customers aren’t preoccupied with the sanitation standards of a restaurant, they can devote their attention to appreciating the quality of service and food that your establishment offers.

   Benefits of the Avmor Program include:

  • Cost-effective, sustainable, innovative cleaning solutions;
  • Training and knowledge from Avmor’s CIMS trained professionals;
  • Quality Control and Assurance labs that ensure foodservice markets protect their restaurant’s brand;
  • Encourages repeat customer visits;
  • Easy to use program that is ideal for a high turnover industry

Avmor’s innovative cleaning solutions are designed for a variety of foodservice industries that extend beyond their applications for restaurants. Grocery stores’ strict and regulated budgets including managing a large staff requires an efficient and sustainable cleaning program. Maintaining a healthy, clean environment is not only essential for the success of a grocery store but also helps maintain customer loyalty for displaying a positive aesthetic. In a grocery store, the quality of food is often reflected through the quality of the facility. For this reason, your customers will have a more pleasant and enjoyable shopping experience that will help ensure customer loyalty in a highly competitive market. Furthermore, implementing a sustainable cleaning program will not only increase revenue but will also cut costs and improve your bottom line. Avmor’s cleaning program features UL Ecologo certified solutions and includes suggestions such as switching to a daytime cleaning program to contribute to significantly reduce cost and electricity use.

Avmor’s foodservice solutions ensure the highest performance standards so you can adhere to strict health standard to uphold the guaranteed quality of your product.