Senior living

Providing high quality care in a healthy, germ-free, indoor environment is a priority in your long-term care and retirement facilities. Avmor’s services and products are engineered to attend to your facility’s specific needs through on-site building audits to determine your current cleaning process, available equipment, training tools, safety requirements, green compliance, SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) count, and problem areas. Avmor will address areas that require improvement and maintain the integrity of your facility by providing a safe, germ-free, healthy environment for residents, healthcare workers, families, custodians and staff, while complying with budget and stringent regulations.

Avmor will provide your facility with the proper training and support needed in order to maximize efficiency and safety. Support tools offered by Avmor include local, on-site training by CIMS (Cleaning Industry Management Standard) certified professionals; online videos; customized sanitation programs (including Room Program, Bathroom Program, Outbreak Program, and Specialty Program) to suit your facility’s specific needs; Wall Charts and ready to use WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) compliant labels.

   Benefits of the Avmor Sanitation Program include:

  • Healthy properties
  • High appearance levels
  • Sustainable Cleaning Program that features over 50 UL EcoLogo approved products with guaranteed results
  • Reduced cleaning cost and SKU reduction
  • Outbreak Management
  • Training effectiveness and regulation compliance
  • Reduced exposure to toxic solvents and harmful gases