Sustainability expertise

Avmor offers an extensive range of premium quality cleaning solutions of which over 50 are UL EcoLogo certified, including products in our Ecopure, Biomor, Biomaxx Foam, and Quick Stuff lines. Being sustainable is a reflection of Avmor’s philosophy and work ethic which is channeled into every project, ensuring that constant research maximizes the ability to create new, innovative energy and efficient solutions. Avmor continuously engineers sustainable alternatives with low end use costs and labor savings, the result of concentrated solutions’ efficiency and high performance standards.

Avmor actively implements sustainable practices by creating products that guarantee a safer and healthier environment. Avmor’s sustainability committee is exemplary of the team’s dedication to internal efforts of reducing its environmental footprint. From using energy efficient lighting to recycling water used in production, Avmor meets and exceeds its sustainability policies’ objectives and compiles sustainability reports to inspire continual ecologically-focused initiatives.

Sustainability is implemented nationwide through Avmor’s CIMS (Cleaning Industry Management Standard) certified sales representatives who provide training to any in house or outsourced cleaning organization to deliver consistent quality services. Avmor’s sustainability services also include educating clients about appropriate measures to prevent the spread of infection, diseases, and providing free reviews to assess where customers are in terms of their “green” cleaning practices, as well as on-site availability to help measure cleanliness.