Our Policy

Avmor’s environmental policy is defined according to the environmental impacts, products and services of the company. An environmental analysis was done prior to determining the significant environmental impacts. Avmor’s environmental policy is revised annually by management at the Management Review meeting to ensure continuous improvement and contribute to the prevention of pollution.

Procedures are established to comply with legal and regulatory requirements as well as determining additional corporate commitments to environmental sustainability. Avmor ensures that its environmental policy is well understood and is communicated to the employees with trainings, internal communications and posting. Avmor’s environmental policy is also available for the public on the company's web site.

Message from the President:

I am proud to announce that we have already taken concrete actions to attain this goal, including the creation of a Sustainability Committee. This committee already recommended the following initiatives:
Mattie Chinks , President

Marketing : Avmor’s Marketing Department’s primary objective is to educate the public about green cleaning and sustainable choices as an alternative to traditional cleaning products. In addition to focusing on publicizing the benefits of green cleaning, the Marketing Department uses recycled paper in all promotional materials and aims to reduce the use of color printing.

Manufacturing Plant : Avmor has implemented manufacturing practices that create less waste, use less energy and generally promote sustainability. More specifically, the manufacturing plant is aiming to reduce electricity consumption and water usage.

Finance Department : The finance department will reduce the use of paper and postage as a means of protecting the environment. One objective is to increase the use of electronic transfers for accounts payable and receivable.

Laboratory : Avmor will focus its R&D activities on the development of new green products and rationalize conventional technology to green technology.

Purchasing Department : Avmor will develop and implement a standard for evaluating our suppliers’ environmental policies and ensure that purchasing decisions take these policies into consideration. The Purchasing Department will work towards choosing environmentally responsible packaging for Avmor products.