Sustainability is an essential part of Avmor’s commitment to health and safety. Our goal is to minimize the use of harsh chemicals in cleaning solutions and to contribute to healthier and safer environments for custodians, visitors, students, educators, residents and any other users of your facility.

Being sustainable and employing long-term strategies to ensure effective solutions, will help uphold your needs and standards. Take advantage of our green products to ensure optimal sanitation results and exceed performance standards while improving indoor air quality and producing less waste.

Avmor’s commitment to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 as well as cGMP procedures signifies an understanding that maintaining an environmentally sound, sustainable expertise is a work ethic as much as it is an integral component of our UL EcoLogo certified solutions.

The development of environmentally conscious products attests to Avmor’s integrity, prioritizing the customer’s satisfaction, health, and success through unparalleled quality. At Avmor, a more complete clean entails enhancing the environment, health and well-being of our customers.